REMOTE - Certified Customer Support Agent

Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries trust Nine28 Solutions and Arise to provide virtual customer support services. As a Certified Customer Support Agent, you:

    • Provide Remote customer service support to our portfolio of clients. This portfolio is a range of well-known brands spanning Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, Energy and Tax Software. 
    • Have the flexibility to choose your own working hours, whether full time or part-time, and you manage your schedule independently.
      • No more office drama
      • No grueling daily commutes

Success with Nine28 Solutions is about choosing an opportunity that matches your skills, experience, and availability.

Agents attend a virtual certification training to become a Certified Customer Support Agent. Agents remotely handle inbound/outbound customer service calls. During which they assess the customer’s needs and creatively solve problems providing sound solutions.

  • Free Certification 
  • Set your own schedule
  • Work remotely/from your home
  • Have the freedom, flexibility & autonomy to choose when and to whom you provide support services
  • Fluent in spoken and written English

Earning Potential:

Client opportunities offer varying pay structures, based on productive time spent assisting customers while on the phone and may offer performance-based pay and/or other incentives. Actual earnings vary depending on client opportunity chosen and support required.  Hourly equivalent earnings may range from $12-$22.

Nine28 Solutions Agents are self-employed 1099 Independent Contractors.  As such, Agents are responsible for paying their own taxes and expenses. 


Agents choose their own schedule by self-scheduling 30-minute blocks of time, during which they commit to handle call volume & provide customer support.

Computer Requirements:

Please review the basic technology requirements by clicking here

  • Some clients may require additional security measures, technology & equipment beyond basic requirements
  • A PC is required. Macs or Chromebooks are not currently supported

This is a1099 independent contractor opportunity and not an employee of Nine28 Solutions, LLC or Arise Virtual Solutions.

Review the Technical requirements and can meet these requirements in the next 3-6 weeks of successfully getting through the full registration process.

We currently can not partner with residence within California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, or Wisconsin.

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As a self-employed independent contractor or business owner, you aren’t an employee, agent or representative of Nine28Solutions or Arise. Rather, you are self-employed – meaning you work for yourself, or your business. If you choose to contract with Nine28 Solutions to provide virtual contact center services, you’ll join a network of other self-employed individuals or business owners, and have access to a variety of client programs and opportunities.

As a self-employed independent contractor, you are in control of how much time you devote to your business, how you operate your business and the amount of profit or loss you derive. Since you are self-employed, you should not represent to anyone that you are an employee of Nine28 Solutions or any of Nine28 Solutions or Arise’ clients. This includes listing as your “employer” on loan applications, government forms, or requests for employee-type benefits.